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Lighthouse Safety & Compliance are the expert team which hospitality venues, golf clubs, RSLs and surf clubs turn to for all their WHS staff training and compliance support.

We’ve combined our best staff training and reporting systems in one easy online portal to help you meet your WHS needs.

Club Induction

Streamline the onboarding process by moving it online.

Hospitality Safety

Be familiar with risks around the bar, functions, café, and front of house areas.

Kitchen Safety

Kitchens are dangerous. Be aware of the hazards in this hot and fast work environment.

Club Maintenance & Outdoor Work

Make sure staff and volunteers understand the risks of working outside or in the maintenance department.

Hospitality Hygiene & COVID-19

Reduce the spread of germs and viruses in a hospitality environment.

Armed Robbery Awareness

Reduce the chance of being a victim, and know how to act in an armed robbery situation.

Fire Training & Evacuation

Understand the process of evacuating a public venue. Know the fire risks of the hospitality industry.

Bullying, Harassment, Discrimination & Conflict Resolution

Educating staff to look after themselves and protect their peers.

Refresher Training in AML/CTF (AUSTRAC)

Ensure staff are educated in their lawful responsibilities.

image of person pouring a beer after being trained in responsible server of alcohol

Responsible Service of Alcohol (Qld) Refresher Training (RSA)

Ensure RSA practices are front of mind with regular refresher training.
image of poker machines in gaming room

Responsible Service of Gambling (Qld) Refresher Training (RSG)

Refresh staff knowledge and awareness of responsible service of gambling practices.


Everything you need, all in one place. Get all the essential WHS tools you need to manage your safety obligations, easily accessible on any desktop, table or smartphone.

Can’t find the tool you need? Let us know and we can work with you to find a solution.



Incident/Hazard Report


Duty/Operations Manager Report

Safety Checklists

agsdix-fas fa-coffee

Front of House (Bar, Gaming, Functions, Reception etc)

agsdix-fas fa-cogs

Back of House (Maintenance, Cellar, Loading Bay etc)


Kitchen (Kitchen, Cold Rooms, Store Rooms etc)

agsdix-fas fa-car

Outdoor (Carpark, Greens Shed etc)


Six Monthly Safety Checklist

Food Safety


Food-Related Customer Complaint Record

agsdix-fas fa-thermometer-quarter

Temperature Checks


Daily Cleaning Schedule

agsdix-far fa-calendar

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

agsdix-far fa-calendar

Monthly Cleaning Schedule

agsdix-fas fa-user-check

Six-Monthly Internal Food Safety Inspection Checklist


agsdix-fas fa-screwdriver

Maintenance Request

agsdix-fas fa-flask

Chemical Spray Record

agsdix-fas fa-check-circle

Equipment Pre-Start Checklist

agsdix-fas fa-toolbox

Tool Box Talk


Quick Risk Assessment

How It Works

Choose the training modules and online tools that suit your WHS compliance needs, so you only pay for what you use.

Implementation is easy because the online portal is accessible on any device, including tables, mobile phones and laptops.

Get notified instantly when staff complete training, reports and checklists. Access the online registers for up-to-date records in your secure admin account.

Getting started is easy!

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